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NGC 5135

NGC 5135 belongs to a group of seven galaxies (Kollatschny & Fricke 1989). It has a NIR bar aligned at P.A. 12#12(Mulchaey et al 1997). The nucleus has also been classified as a Seyfert (Phillips et al 1983). The nucleus shows high excitation lines with line ratios typical of a Seyfert 2 ([NeV] is present, HeII/H10#10=0.18, [OIII]/H10#10=4.8, [NII]/H10#10=5.5 taken from Phillips et al 1983). The spectrum through the IUE aperture (projected size 2.711#115.4 kpc) shows mixed Seyfert and Starburst characteristics (Thuan 1984; Kinney et al 1993). The radio continuum map at 6 and 20 cm shows an asymmetric structure with faint emission extended to the NE (P.A. 13#13) of the bright core source. The overall linear extent is about 9 arcsec. The H9#9 narrow band image shows extended emission aligned with the radio emission (Haniff, Wilson, & Ward 1988; García Barreto 1996). The high excitation gas, mapped through the [OIII] 1#15007 emission line is aligned North-South on a 2 arcsec scale.

Rosa Gonzalez