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My current research interests deal mainly with the understanding of the physics of the central regions of galaxies whose luminosity is dominated by their emission at infrared wavelengths. Those galaxies are known as Luminous (and Ultraluminous) Infrared Galaxies.

Since a major goal of future radio/millimetre instruments (LOFAR, SKA, ALMA) is to use these high redshift objects to trace the starformation (and galaxy assembly) history of the universe, it is crucial to reliably understand the physics of similar local objects.

I am the Co-Principal Investigator of the legacy project LIRGI, which will make use of a forefront radio interferometric facilities, the electronic Multi-Element Radio-Link Interferometer Network (eMERLIN) in the UK, for which we have been granted 353 hr of observing time at the wavelengths of 6 and 18 cm.

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I am also involved in the following scientific international projects: